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Bridal Collection

Three different looks for three memorable bridal moments:

The Bachelorette

VIXEN Lash Strips

Unleash your inner wildcat with a fun and flirty look! VIXEN playfully accentuates your eyes as you toast to unforgettable moments.

The Rehearsal Dinner

ANGEL Lash Strips

Elevate your rehearsal dinner look with gorgeous lashes that embody natural beauty. ANGEL features luxuriously fluffy lashes that gracefully frame your lustrous eyes.

The Wedding Day

WIFEY Lash Strips

The perfect lash pairing for your special day! WIFEY gives voluminous cat-eye lashes that cast an enchanting gaze as you finally say, “I do”.

Bridal Collection

  • VIXEN, ANGEL and WIFEY lash strips, gold applicator and STRIP clear adhesive

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