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Meet The Founder

Amanda Diana is a leading lash artist best known for her signature mega volume lashes. With clients from across North America vying for her iconic Doll Lashez looks, Amanda delivers an unparalleled level of precision lashing and glamorous volume.


Originally trained in classic lashes in 2012, Amanda has spent the last decade perfecting her craft and refining her trademark Doll Lashez technique. In 2016, Amanda travelled to New York City to certify in volume lashing under Nadia Afanaseva, the Founder and CEO of Eye Design in Manhattan. As one of the first technicians to offer volume lashes in the GTA, Amanda is a revolutionary figure in the lashing industry.

“I remembered when the closest thing to volume lashes was layering 808 Quo lash strips from Shoppers Drug Mart. I knew something was missing.”

Amanda’s approach to lashing is one that can only be described as pure artistry. Her passion for beauty is evident, with each lash being placed with deliberate intention and care. Amanda takes pride in turning each set of Doll Lashez into a coveted work of art.

“I am humbled by the talent flowing through the beauty industry. I have found myself surrounded by the most fabulous people. I cherish all the beautiful relationships I have made through the years and can’t thank you enough for your love and support.”

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